Dr. Red Says: What is PTSD or PTS & Can It Be Cured?

DrRed Says

Tuesday at 1 PM Pacific

March 21, 2017: What is PTSD? Can it be cured?

Just what is PTSD? Depending on your generation you may not even consider calling this syndrome PTSD. There’s a great stigma attached to these four letters. Is it a disorder or is it a reaction to a stressor? Can we remove that stress and the triggers, and then can we consider the problem cured? Join DrRed and two Veterans, one from Vietnam era and one Desert Storm era vet they debate this issue. They have both experienced PTS (D). One believes it’s not really curable but possibly manageable, and one believes it’s possibly curable but definitely manageable. Join us for this lively debate, and if you have experienced PTSD would love your opinion.

Our featured guests for this show are:

McCail Smith,

Chairman, Mental Health Advocacy Council, VA Med.Center, La Jolla
C.V.P./CEO California Veterans Place
National Veterans Service Officer
California Nabvets State Commander & Past State Commander and… experienced with PTSD.


…Our very own Cj Villanueva

Military wife, mother, business woman, and former PTSD sufferer.



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