Dr. Red Says: “Substance Abuse — That’s not King Kong Threatening the Empire State Building.”

Substance Abuse — That’s not King Kong Threatening the Empire State Building.

March 28, 2017
Hosted by Dr. Sarah M. Young (DrRed)

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Drugs are the leading cause of death in America. Nearly 21 million Americans aged 12 and up had an addiction problem in 2015. Among those with a substance abuse disorder, about 15.7 million have a substance abuse disorder related to alcohol. We all know one of the favorite treatments for PTSD has been medication and with that the opportunity for abuse. Add the option to self-medicate with alcohol, and you have a recipe for disaster. Join DrRed and Kim Myers for a discussion of substance abuse management. These co-morbidites could kill faster than a heart attack. Are we talking AA and NA or are there other methods now? Can drug addiction and/or alcoholism be cured? Is there such a thing as a genetic factor?

This lady’s seen it all! She treated her fellow sailors in the USN, then was Substance Abuse Department Chair/Instructor of a local holistic college. If PTSD and Substance Abuse are Kong on the Empire State Building, listen in see how the movie should end.

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